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What is free shipping domestic freight policy?

Most products on this website i.e. BendPak and Ranger brand products include FREE destination delivery; . FREE SHIPPING items will be delivered freight prepaid to all direct shipping points located within the 48 continental United States. Accessory only shipments or service parts orders are generally not eligible for free freight. Orders for accessories or service parts are subject to a per piece freight charge based on package weight and destination zone. 

REQUESTS FOR COD SHIPMENTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED. Items less than 150lbs will typically be shipped Fed Ex ground unless otherwise stipulated on the purchase order. Some items cannot be shipped via Fed Ex due to size, and weight and hazardous materials restrictions. Some items may also have additional hazardous-materials charges.

What is the Rural Area Transportation Zone (RATZ) surcharge?

FREE SHIPPING items located within a rural shipping area may be charged an incidental RATZ surcharge. Rural Area Transportation Zones are based on transportation lane accessibility and their functional accessibility to major highways and shipping lanes. Transportation and shipping to these remote and rural locations are usually non-direct shipping points with higher associated delivery costs. Refer to the BendPak website in the footer section and use the RATZ search for a listing of Rural Area Transportation Zones. Generally, ZIP codes within a RATZ Surcharge area are very rural and make up a small percentage of the US territory.

What are accessorial charges and freight surcharges?

Even though FREE SHIPPING does apply to most domestic orders, in some cases accessorial charges may apply for specialized freight services beyond normal pick up, transport, and delivery. All BendPak domestic dealers will be responsible for paying accessorial charges relating to their orders. The following list includes accessorial fees that will apply to each domestic order. These surcharges may be added at the time of invoice or after the merchandise has been delivered.

Lift Gate – If a shipment being delivered to a facility without a loading dock or adequate material handling equipment requires specialized lift gate service, a $135.00 fee will apply to the order. 

Residential Pick Up/Delivery – If a shipment is to be picked up or delivered to a residential area or a private residence, a $40.00 fee will apply to the order. All orders void of a ship-to BUSINESS NAME will automatically be assumed to be residential delivery.

The term “private residences” also includes apartments, schools (K – 12 grade), preschools, day cares, camps, farms, public storage facilities, businesses operating within a private residence, and other such locations not generally recognized as commercial locations and shall apply to the entire premises.

Re-Delivery /Return Trip – A $75.00 charge will apply for each re-delivery.

Pre-Delivery Phone Notification/Appointments – A $5.00 charge will apply for notifying consignees of delivery.

Waiting Time – A fee may be added if a delivery driver experiences significant wait time for a shipment to be unloaded. This charge would be based on the amount of time over and above what would be considered a normal delivery expectation.

Storage Charges – If the shipment is stalled for any reason, or needs to sit with the carrier for a specific delivery date, a storage fee may be charged for taking up space on a dock or in a truck.

Special Delivery Destinations / Limited Access – A minimum $100.00 charge will apply to all shipments consigned to delivery points with limited or high-security access such as: schools, farms, military bases, prisons, government buildings, resort properties, trade-shows or convention centers, etc.

Reconsignment – If while in transit, the shipment needs to be reconsigned to an alternative location, then the outbound rate per mile will be applied from point of original delivery to the new destination point.

Are there additional freight charges to Alaska, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico?

Additional freight charges will apply for all shipments destined for Alaska, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Additional freight charges also apply for expedited, guaranteed or definite delivery requests. Please contact your or contact our sales department for quotes prior to placing your order.

What is NOT responsible for?

We will take no responsibility for additional charges of any kind that consignee may incur related to:

The renting or acquisition of equipment of any type necessary to unload items off of a delivering carrier’s vehicle. 

Any charges related to delivery of items to residential areas with restrictions on carrier vehicle size or weight unless such charges were prepaid prior to shipment.

Any charges related to delivery of items via lift-gate unless such charges were prepaid prior to shipment.

What is a Bill of Lading?

Shipments should be thoroughly inspected by consignee as soon as they are received. The signed Bill of Lading is acknowledgement by the carrier of receipt in good condition of shipment covered by the Bill of Lading. If any of the goods called for on the Bill of Lading are shorted or damaged, consignees should not accept them until the carrier makes a notation on the freight bill of the shorted or damaged goods.

What should be done about concealed damage?

CONSIGNEES MUST NOTIFY FREIGHT CARRIER AT ONCE if any hidden loss or damage is discovered after receipt and request the carrier to make an inspection within 48 hours. If the carrier is unable to do so, prepare a signed statement to the effect that you have notified the carrier (on a specific date) and that the carrier has failed to comply with your request (name of person you talk to, date and time of the conversation). NOTE THAT IT IS DIFFICULT TO COLLECT FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE AFTER YOU HAVE GIVEN THE CARRIER A CLEAR RECEIPT. File your claim with the carrier promptly and support your claim with a cargo loss and damage claim form, copies of the bill of lading, freight bill, product invoice, photographs, and inspection claim given to you by inspector after inspection is done. Note that our manufacturer(s) willingness to assist in helping you process your claim does not make our manufacturer(s) responsible for collection of claims or replacement of lost or damaged materials.

What will manufacturers do about missing or incorrect products and parts?

At its discretion, our manufacturer will consider replacing any missing or incorrect products/parts from shipments at no charge provided consignee identifies and reports such items to the Customer Service Department within 30 days of date of receipt of order. Missing or incorrect products/parts from shipments will not be replaced if they are reported more than 30 days beyond the receipt of order.

Is Manufacturer(s) FREE SHIPPING policy really in my best interest?

We realize that today’s consumers are well informed and price-conscious. According to a recent survey by PayPal, unexpectedly high shipping fees are the number one reason consumers abandon warehouse-dealer-to-consumer or online-dealer-to-consumer purchases. We realize that consumers are becoming more adept at comparing online and offline prices to find the best possible deal before making a purchase—and often the savings is in the shipping.

In the United States, our Manufacturer(s) i.e. BendPak products are sold through many of the nation’s largest auto parts chains and online tool / equipment dealers. These retailers often demand free shipping in order to better attract customers and simplify their order processing. It is these retailers and national chains that keep us so keenly aware of how sensitive their customers are to paying exorbitant shipping charges. So, we have worked to negotiate reduced shipping costs with our national carriers that result in direct savings for our customers. Should you wish to decline the FREE shipping and instead decide to “will-call” at any of our manufacture facilities; please contact and we will be happy to offer a price reduction.

Do the concrete requirements given by our manufacturers meet national or regional seismic requirements as prescribed by Uniform Building Code (UBC) and/or International Building Code (IBC)?

Each of our manuafacture lifts are supplied with installation instructions and concrete fasteners meeting the criteria as prescribed by the American National Standard “Automotive Lifts – Safety Requirements for Construction, Testing, and Validation” ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2006. Lift buyers are responsible for any special regional structural and/or seismic anchoring requirements specified by any other agencies and/or codes such as the Uniform Building Code (UBC) and/or International Building Code (IBC).

How long does it take to receive my order?

An order placed with one of our dealers will take approximately 7-10 days for delivery, depending on the model and / or quantities ordered.

What if I am unable to unload the product at my home or business?

Option1 : Our freight carriers have literally hundreds of terminals located across the United States. If you have explored all options yet still find you are unable to safely or efficiently unload the product at your home or business, it can be shipped to a freight terminal for customer pick up. will work together with you to find the closest freight terminal.

NOTE: Freight terminals have different operating hours and loading procedures. We advise all customers to contact the terminal directly in advance to inquire about operating hours and loading procedures. The freight terminal will load the product onto the customer’s trailer or pickup truck. Open trailers are easier to load and unload than an enclosed trailer. Be sure to bring some form of photo ID in order to pick up your product at the freight terminal.

Option2: uses a nationwide network of independent contractors for lift installations. In the event you wish to have a lift installed by a professional team, you may be able to have the lift shipped to their facility and then delivered at the time of installation. If you would like to have a lift installed at your location, please contact our customer service department or e-mail us at.

Option3: Some of our freight carriers have hydraulic lift gate service on their delivery trucks. There will be an extra charge for the lift gate delivery depending on the carrier. Lift gates are normally rated at a 1,000-lb. capacity, which is not strong enough to unload most of our high-capacity lifts. However, when used properly, hydraulic lift gates allow some of our customers the ability to offload many of our products without the use of a forklift. Remember, it is always the customer’s responsibility to unload the truck. If the power tailgate brings the product to the ground, it is the customer’s responsibility to get the product off the power tailgate. Always be prepared before the truck arrives.

What shipping carriers do you offer?

  • FedEx – Small packages and parcels.
  • Truck Freight – Medium-duty products.Flatbed Carriers – Heavy-duty and oversized products.NOTE: Shipping options vary depending on the type and quantity of merchandise you choose to purchase, as well as your shipping address.

If I have an item shipped by truck freight, is the driver responsible for unloading the merchandise?

No, truck freight companies do not require their drivers to unload shipments. It is the buyer’s responsibility to unload the freight at their will take no responsibility for any additional charges incurred from the renting or acquiring of equipment for the purposes of unloading items off of a delivery truck. An additional fee will be applied to all residential deliveries of heavy equipment and to any lift gate service. Shipping and handling rates are subject to change without notice.

Is lift installation included in the price of the product?

Sorry, but we are unable to include installation at this time. We are, however, able to source a local contractor if you are not equipped or comfortable with installing the lift yourself. If you would like to have a local independent contractor install your lift, our courteous dealers or factory sales professionals can recommend an authorized lift installer in your area. Please contact our customer service department or e-mail us at

How much would it cost for a professional installer to install my new lift?

Professional lift installation pricing depends on several factors. It is best to contact us to assist you in finding the right installer at the right price.

The following prices are estimates only and do not included any accessorial charges, including electrical, air, unloading or special handling. If you would like to have a lift installed at your location, please contact our customer service department or e-mail us at

Two-Post Lift Models
9k – 10k Models / $495.00 – $650.00
12k – 18k Models / $695.00 – $850.00
Four-Post Lift Models
9k Models / $395.00 – $550.00
14k Standard Models / $550.00 – $700.00
14k Alignment Models / $695.00 – $850.00
18k – 27k Standard Models / $795.00 – $950.00
18k – 27k Alignment Models / $895.00 – $1,050.00
35k – 40k Standard Models / $995.00 – $1,150.00
Scissors Alignment Models
Scissors Alignment / $850.00 – $1,000.00

What about sales tax?

All orders destined for California will be charged applicable state sales tax—even if ordered through an out-of-state dealer. If you are a tax-exempt customer in California, please send us a copy of your tax-exemption certificate. A printable resale certificate is available

Does my lift come with the necessary anchor bolts and / or hardware to mount it to the floor?

All lifts ship with the necessary anchors required for mounting the unit to your floor.

Does hydraulic fluid come with the lifts?

Due to current DOT and insurance laws regarding the transport of hydraulic oils (DOT Section 1 – Hazardous Ingredients; DOT Section 2 – Fire and Explosion Hazards and DOT Section 3 – Health Hazards) the required hydraulic fluid is to be supplied by the end-user, only. Our lifts are designed to operate using standard 10-weight, non-foaming, non-detergent hydraulic oil or Dexron-III ATF fluid. This is available in virtually any automotive store.

Do I need a special floor or foundation to support my new lift?

Most residential or commercial foundations are strong enough to support our lifts. However, it is important to adhere to concrete specifications. Failure to do so could cause lift failure resulting in personal injury or death.

A level floor is suggested for proper installation and level lifting. With proper shimming, small differences in floor slopes may be compensated for. If a floor is of questionable slope, consider a survey of the site and / or the possibility of pouring a new level concrete slab.

Be sure to check your floor for the possibility of it being a post tension slab. In this case, contact the building architect before drilling. Visually inspect the site where the lift is to be installed and verify the concrete is in good condition. If your concrete has cracks or other defects, please consult with a certified contractor before proceeding to install any lift.

Lift owners and end users are responsible for the safe installation of their lift. The figures below represent suggested concrete specifications, but should not be construed as actual requirements for your building, facility or application. Because local and statewide building codes may change and / or vary, always check with the building architect before installation for additional guidance on UBC compliance requirements. In no event shall be liable for special, consequential or incidental damages for the misinterpretation of this information. reserves the right to make changes to this document without incurring any obligation to notify the public that changes were made.

HD-9ST-B9,000-lb. Capacity / Four Post Lift / Narrow Width3-1/2″ Min. Thickness / 2,500 psi
HD-9-B9,000-lb. Capacity / Four Post Lift /  Standard Width3-1/2″ Min. Thickness / 2,500 psi
HD-9STX-B9,000-lb. Capacity / Four Post Lift / Narrow Width3-1/2″ Min. Thickness / 2,500 psi
HD-9XW-B9,000-lb. Capacity / Four Post Lift /  Standard Width3-1/2″ Min. Thickness / 2,500 psi
HD-14SS14,000-lb. Capacity / Space Saver4″ Min. Thickness / 2,500 psi
HD-1414,000-lb. Capacity / Extended4″ Min. Thickness / 2,500 psi
HD-14X14,000-lb. Capacity / Extended /Limo Style4″ Min. Thickness / 2,500 psi
HD-14STL14,000-lb. Capacity Tall Lift / Space Saver / 82″ Rise4″ Min. Thickness / 2,500 psi
HD-14ETL14,000-lb. Capacity Tall Lift / Extended / 82″ Rise4″ Min. Thickness / 2,500 psi
HD-1818,000-lb. Capacity / Standard4″ Min. Thickness / 2,500 psi
HD-2727,000-lb. Capacity / Standard4″ Min. Thickness / 2,500 psi
HD-27X27,000-lb. Capacity / Extended4″ Min. Thickness / 2,500 psi
HD-3535,000-lb. Capacity / Standard5″ Min. Thickness / 2,500 psi
HD-35X35,000-lb. Capacity /  Extended5″ Min. Thickness / 2,500 psi
HD-4040,000-lb. Capacity / Standard5″ Min. Thickness / 2,500 psi
HD-40X40,000-lb. Capacity /  Extended5″ Min. Thickness / 2,500 psi
HD-14LS14,000-lb. Capacity / Alignment 4″ Min. Thickness / 2,500 psi
HD-14LSX14,000-lb. Capacity / Alignment /  Extended4″ Min. Thickness / 2,500 psi
HD-14LSXE14,000-lb. Capacity / Alignment /  Limo  Extended4″ Min. Thickness / 2,500 psi
HDO-14LSX14,000-lb. Capacity / Alignment /  Extended / Open Front5″ Min. Thickness / 2,500 psi
HD-18A18,000-lb. Capacity / Alignment4″ Min. Thickness / 2,500 psi
HD-27A27,000-lb. Capacity / Standard / Alignment4″ Min. Thickness / 2,500 psi
HD-27XA27,000-lb. Capacity / Extended / Alignment4″ Min. Thickness / 2,500 psi
HD-35A35,000-lb. Capacity / Alignment5″ Min. Thickness / 2,500 psi
HD-35XA35,000-lb. Capacity / Extended / Alignment5″ Min. Thickness / 2,500 psi
XR-12AE12,000-lb. Capacity / Scissors Alignment 4″ Min. Thickness / 2,500 psi
XPR-9F9,000-lb. Capacity / Floorplate / Chain-Over / Narrow4″ Min. Thickness / 3,000 psi
XPR-9FX9,000-lb. Capacity / Floorplate / Chain-Over / Wide4″ Min. Thickness / 3,000 psi
XPR-9FD9,000-lb. Capacity / Floorplate / Direct-Drive / Narrow4″ Min. Thickness / 3,000 psi
XPR-9FDX9,000-lb. Capacity / Floorplate / Direct-Drive / Wide4″ Min. Thickness / 3,000 psi
XPR-12FD12,000-lb. Capacity / Floorplate / Direct-Drive6″ Min. Thickness / 3,000 psi
XPR-10C10,000-lb. Capacity / Clearfloor / Narrow4″ Min. Thickness / 3,000 psi
XPR-10CX10,000-lb. Capacity / Clearfloor / Wide4″ Min. Thickness / 3,000 psi
XPR-10AC10,000-lb. Capacity / Asymmetric Clearfloor / Narrow4″ Min. Thickness / 3,000 psi
XPR-10ACX10,000-lb. Capacity / Asymmetric Clearfloor / Wide4″ Min. Thickness / 3,000 psi
XPR-12C12,000-lb. Capacity / Clearfloor / Triple-Telescope Arms6″ Min. Thickness / 3,000 psi
XPR-15C15,000-lb. Capacity / Clearfloor / Standard Arms6″ Min. Thickness / 3,000 psi
XPR-18C18,000-lb. Capacity / Clearfloor / Standard Arms8″ Min. Thickness / 3,000 psi
XR-12AE12,000-lb. Capacity / Scissors / Alignment  / Extended4″ Min. Thickness / 2,500 psi
SP-7X7,000-lb. Capacity / Scissors / Full-Rise Platform Style4″ Min. Thickness / 2,500 psi

What is the ceiling height required for a lift?

The required ceiling height will vary depending on the lift model, as well as the intended vehicle. Please refer to the product specification page for each product for further details

Can a “call ahead” delivery appointment be made?

We,, can instruct the trucking company to call 24-hours before delivery to schedule the delivery of your product. There is a minor fee, but this “call ahead” service is quite popular. When contacting your dealer to request this service, be sure to give your cell, residential or work phone number so that immediate contact can be made and any potential delivery delay can be avoided. If your shipment is being delivered to a business during normal business hours with freight-handling facilities, then the call-ahead feature is completely unnecessary. Please be aware that this call-ahead service may add one to three days to your delivery estimate.

It is the customer’s responsibility to work out the delivery arrangements with the freight dispatcher during initial contact with the shipping company. If you have special needs or delivery instructions, that is the time to discuss and make those arrangements. does not own the delivery trucks or employ drivers for delivery, nor is liable for inaccurate information delivered by the end user to the shipping company.

What if my freight is damaged?

Your freight will be professionally and securely packaged and in perfect condition when it leaves our facility. If a shipment is damaged when it arrives, you must sign “damaged” on the freight bill and make notes regarding the damage. It is also recommended that you take digital photos of the damage in order to expedite the claim-filing process. Please read all of the instructional and warning stickers before opening the package.

NOTE: It is important that our customers understand is not the shipping company. We will do everything we can to make sure your shipment is safe and secure, but after it leaves our dock it is consigned to you.

Where can I receive answers to questions that I have about a particular product?

Product information and specifications are available on this website. Additional information is also available by contacting our customer service department or e-mail us at

When can a trace be initiated on my shipment?

  • Parcel Post – 14 working days after ship date.
  • UPS – 10 working days after ship date.
  • Truck Freight – 10 working days after ship date.

Do you ship outside the United States?

Sorry, we are not able to ship outside the United Sates at this time. If you have your own exporter we can ship it to them so they can forward your equipment on your behalf.

How can I check the status of my order?

Please feel free to call our customer service center or e-mail us at

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