These self-adjusting brakes are self-contained and low maintenance. With surge brakes, the hydraulic braking system uses the natural momentum of the trailer to actuate the brakes. This means that when you step on the brake in the towing vehicle (and slow down), the pressure of the trailer pushing against the hitch presses a hydraulic cylinder. Therefore, the more the towing vehicle slows, the more pressure it exerts on the trailer brakes. When they are set up properly, surge brakes are smooth, easy to work with, and require no adjustment. This means there is no need for you to make any changes between loads, and there are no buttons, levers, or any other handles you have to remember to use. You focus on driving the towing vehicle and the Stand-UP EZ Haul Car Tow Dolly With surge Disk Brakes takes care of the vehicle in tow.

Like the standard Stand-UP EZ Haul Car Tow Dolly, this car tow dolly is unique in that it can be stored standing upright without assistance. Its design takes advantage of the same powder-coated, lightweight, heavy-duty steel pipe frame and heavy-duty steel mesh ramps and deck. Though the additional braking system does increase the unit’s overall weight, customers still find it lightweight enough to easily lift into and out of its storage stance, and also easily maneuver into position in alignment with the towing vehicle. The Stand-UP EZ Haul Car Tow Dolly With Surge Brakes offers the same industry-leading convenience of its standard option unit; no other car tow dolly (except the original Stand-Up EZ Haul Car Tow Dolly) offers the same value-for-dollar, the same level of set-up and take-down convenience, or the same stand-alone stand-up storage capability.Features

Surge disc brakes minimize the braking responsibility of the cab controller; Because you are not responsible for applying the trailer brakes separately from the towing vehicle, you can relax and feel more secure in the consistent braking ability of your trailer for the duration of your trip.

Unique stand-up storage design requires no assistance, enabling easy stand-alone storage; small storage footprint can fit inside a standard garage.
Lightweight frame is easy for one person to maneuver, set up, and store.
Included stow-away ramps are heavy-duty yet lightweight; they can be set up to accommodate different wheelbases and are sturdy enough for even heavy vehicles.
Tie-down straps, winches, and safety chains come standard and are integrated with the cow-tow dolly design to maximize ease-of-use and user safety.
Tubular steel and steel mesh construction for a high-strength, low-weight design so you can haul more per load without going overweight.
The powder-coated finish provides long-lasting high-quality appearance, damage-resistance, and durability.

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