Package Deal: (1) DT-50A + (1) DB-70 + (1) Tape Weight Rolls / Black and Silver 1400 pc.
This Dannmar wheel service package consists of a DT-50A tire changer with a swing arm that is equipped with a handy power-assist tower to help when working on sometimes difficult, lower-profile performance tires with stiffer sidewalls. The swing-arm on the DT-50A is one of this tire changer’s most useful features. Because it doesn’t tilt back, it can be installed flush against a wall. The tire changer’s controls are conveniently mounted upfront and logically arranged for both speed and ease-of-use. Constructed to handle the needs of on-the-go shops with its sturdy body, rigid hexagonal vertical shaft and hardened-steel horizontal outrigger support arm that eliminates flex during tire service operations. This also reduces the risk of damaging modern allow wheels.
The Dannmar DB-70 balancer works on wheels up to a 28” diameter. Dannmar’s very accurate and dependable balancer uses proprietary Digital Sensor Technology for critical reliability and repeatability. With this science, it automatically determines the exact weight needed for optimal balance and uses brightly displayed LEDs that shows the correct amount and location of weights in about six seconds. Best of all, this well-performing, wheel service package is affordable.


DT-50A Features

Alloy steel mount and demount head w/protective plastic covers
Traveling drop-center, top-mount helper/swing-in bottom helper disc
High Torque Electric Turntable
Adjustable Internal Rim Clamping – Capacity – 12” – 21” (304 mm – 533 mm)
Maintenance-free gearbox
Aluminum pneumatic cylinders
High-pressure polyurethane pneumatic tubing
Enhanced bead Breaker Blade
Turbo-Blast Bead Seater
Inflation Gauge with Integrated Air Dump Valve
Tool Tray/Storage
Soap Bucket
Enhanced Bead Breaker Blade
Optional motorcycle clamps
Air Regulator
Inflation restraint
Forged steel foot pedals

DB-70 Features

Top positioning weight locator
Inside and outside measuring
Manual wheel offset distance setting
Auto-start when hood is lowered
Wheel holding manual brake pedal
Truck cone/spacer ring adapter set
Wheel calipers
No-mar rear cone mount pressure cup
Quick-release and mount hub nut
Tape weight feeder
LED rolling wheel weight displays


DT-50A Specifications

110-VAC, 50-60 Hz, 1-Ph

Drive System Type
Electric / Air

Tower Design
Rigid Fixed / Swing Arm

Power Assist Tower

Bead Seating System
Turbo Blast / Bead Seating

Air Requirement
110-175 PSI (8-10 BAR)

Wheel Clamping Method
4 Clamps – Internal / External

Table Clamping System
Dual Pneumatic Cylinders

Bead Breaking System
Pneumatic Blade

Tower Design

Internal Rim Clamping Capacity
14” – 26” (356 mm – 660 mm)

External Rim Clamping Capacity
12” – 24” (305 mm – 610 mm)

Turntable Rim Width Capacity
3” – 15” (76 mm – 381 mm)

Bead Breaker Rim Width Capacity
3” – 14” (76 mm – 356 mm)

Maximum Tire Diameter
49” (1,245 mm)

<70 dB DB-70 Specifications Motor 110-230 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 1-Ph Cycle Time 7 seconds Balancing Modes 6 Dynamic / 1 Static Drive System Serpentine Poly-V Belt Wheel Braking Lever Caliper Brake / Foot Pedal Cones Included 4 Max. Tire Diameter 49” (1,247 mm) Max. Tire Weight 150 lbs. (68 kg) Wheel Diameter Capacity 10” – 28” (254 mm – 711 mm) Wheel Width Capacity 1.5” – 20” (38 mm – 508 mm) Balancing Increments 0.25 or 0.01 ounce Balancing Speed 260 RPM Accuracy +- 1 Gram (.035 oz) Noise <70 dB

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