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The Dannmar DT-50 swing-arm tire changer is affordable and incorporates controls mounted upfront that are logically arranged for both speed and ease-of-use. The tire changer is designed to handle the needs of on-the-go shops with its sturdy body, rigid hexagonal vertical shaft, and hardened-steel horizontal outrigger support arm that eliminates flex during tire service operations. This also reduces the risk of damaging allow wheels.
Here are some of Dannmar’s DT-50 many features that save you time and make your job produce better results.
High-torque electric turntable
Featuring faster operating speeds and reverse-direction control for easier tire swaps, especially for low-profile and run-flat beads.
Enhanced bead breaker blade
The DT-50 tire changers are manufactured with an advanced bead breaker blade. A rubber bump-stop ensures a smooth arm return, reducing shock loading.
Sealed tight
Every main‐lead electrical terminal, auxiliary switch, and motor enclosure is air‐tight, dust‐free and protected from contamination.
High-pressure polyurethane pneumatic tubing
Tire changers come standard with high-pressure polyurethane pneumatic tubing that’s constructed with a smooth, seamless bore to improve flow.
Upfront controls
Dannmar’s tire changer controls and forged-steel foot pedal levers are conveniently positioned and logically arranged for both speed and ease-of-use.
Aluminum pneumatic cylinders
Dannmar optimizes the stainless steel and aluminum pneumatic cylinders. Specifically, we’ve made sure internal end-of-stroke cushions come included on each cylinder, protecting the seals, wear band and piston rod.
Alloy steel mount and demount head
The equi-dimensional shape of our mount and demount head lets you change tires without changing the position of the tool head. The tool head surface is manufactured micro-smooth.
45mm spring assist hexagonal vertical tool shaft
A rigid 45mm spring assist hexagonal vertical tool shaft and hardened‐steel horizontal outrigger support arm keep the mount-demount tool head perfectly still during use. This reduces the chance of damaging expensive wheels due to a loose or shifting tool head. The tire changer is fitted with linear guide bearings that make it easy to adjust both vertical and horizontal wheel settings. These guide bearings are maintenance-free for the lifespan of the tire changer. The non‐flex horizontal arm boasts a hardened lower roller guide for controlled, balanced movements.
Tire inflator features
A pistol-type tire inflator with a sure‐grip clip‐on valve chuck has never been easier to operate and permits full-function, hands‐free operation.


Swing arm
High torque electric turntable
Alloy steel mount and demount head
Wheel clamping method 4 clamps internal rim clamping
Capacity 12”– 26” (305 mm – 660 mm)
Maintenance-free gearbox
Aluminum pneumatic cylinders
High pressure polyurethane pneumatic tubing
Inflation gauge with Integrated air dump valve
Tool tray/storage
Enhanced bead breaker blade
Air regulator
Inflation restraint
Forged-steel foot pedals


110/220-VAC, 50-60 Hz, 1-Ph

Drive System Type
Electric / Air

Tower Design
Rigid Fixed / Swing Arm

Power Assist Tower
Not Equipped (See DT-50A)

Bead Seating System
Turbo Blast / Bead Seating

Air Requirement
110-175 PSI (8-10 BAR)

Wheel Clamping Method
4 Clamps – Internal / External

Table Clamping System
Dual Pneumatic Cylinders

Bead Breaking System
Pneumatic Blade

Tower Design

Internal Rim Clamping Capacity
14” – 26” (356 mm – 660 mm)

External Rim Clamping Capacity
12” – 22” (305 mm – 559 mm)

Turntable Rim Width Capacity
3” – 15” (76 mm – 381 mm)

Bead Breaker Rim Width Capacity
3” – 14” (76 mm – 356 mm)

Maximum Tire Diameter
47” (1,194 mm)

<70 dB

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