The Dannmar D4-9X Four-post lift easily handles the bigger stuff. This lift features useful 198” runways, which are longer than most drive-on four-post lifts, and easily raises a heavy 9,000 lbs., thus handling just about all long wheelbase pickup trucks. With these impressive specs you have a lift that exceeds what’s dimensionally needed because most crew cabs with a standard or long box have wheelbase lengths from 160 to 175” and tip the scales at or above 5,500 lbs.
Looking for more vertical space too? With an 9-foot ceiling, the Dannmar D4-9X lift makes use of all that upper space you’re currently not using. This four-post lift might also serve to provide a vehicle maintenance and parking solution that allows you to maximize your fixed square footage of floor space. Dannmar’s D4-9X also comes standard with a wheel caster kit that allows rolling lift mobility, plus drip trays and easy-to-approach aluminum ramps. Dannmar D4-9X Four-post lifts work great for lifting long wheelbase pick-up trucks, storing cars, ATVs, snowmobiles, jet skis, golf carts and just about anything with four wheels.
The sturdy Dannmar D4-9X Four-post lift will serve your vehicle lifting needs for many years. Here are more details on its exceptional engineering.
Boxed Steel Construction and Sleeve Containment
Dannmar’s D4-9X features extended-height versions of strong boxed-steel columns (4.75″ x 4.75″ wide) to ensure maximum durability and resistance to tough use. The 5/8″ thick, 12″ x 12″ baseplates provide superior support for loads on most floor surfaces. Full-perimeter exterior steel sleeves are used for retaining solid capture of the lift columns, so vehicles remain safe and supported at all times. The Dannmar design cradles the steel sleeves to create an interlock that keeps everything secured.
Space Efficient
With the extended dimensions for long-wheelbase vehicles, the D4-9X makes efficient use of your shop’s floor space. Dannmar’s excellent use of room is unequalled, which is why Dannmar recommends this car lift in both shop and residential settings.
Controlled Operation
Dannmar gives operators more confidence with straightforward and easy controls. This extended-height lift truly goes the distance faster than ever—just 55 seconds to max rise!
Multi-level locking positions
Sixteen locking positions are spaced every four inches to accommodate varying ceiling and vehicle heights. For more room under the vehicle or to park taller trucks and SUVs, the D4-9X features three added locking positions. This provides 12 inches of extra rise compared to the standard-size D4-9 four-post lift.
Heavy-Duty Aircraft Wire Rope
Dannmar’s D4-9X lift features four lifting wire ropes made from superior-grade stainless steel. Each of the four wire ropes is rated to support 14,000 lbs. The combined four wire rope rating is many times above the lift’s rated capacity.
Automatic Safety Locks
Four mechanical, 3/4″ thick safety locks engage simultaneously as the lift is raised. At all times, locks are securely trapped by the cross tube sleeves, so they don’t become dislodged or disengaged. A redundant backup slack-cable lock ensures instant lock engagement.
Dannmar Means Superior Service
The D4-9X delivers performance, and Dannmar’s longstanding reputation as a leader in lift technology is proof that we can back it up. If you need customer support, Dannmar’s team is here to assist. We’re glad to put our half-century of experience in the lift industry to the test!
Service you can depend on and Dannmar’s dealers and service providers deliver:

Genuine Dannmar OEM parts
Planned maintenance
Convenient national locations
Three-Year Warranty

Dannmar offers more than just car lifts: We want you to know you’re getting the absolute highest quality product at the best value. Dannmar’s lifts are backed by Dannmar’s standard 3-year warranty.


CE Approved and Certified
Meets or exceeds the standards prescribed by European Standard EN-1493
Mid to long-style approach ramps for low-ground clearance vehicles
Runways include rail-kit for optional accessories
Single hydraulic cylinder mounted underneath runway
Fully enclosed lifting cables, safety locks and sheaves
Internal anti-sway slider blocks in each column
Pneumatic push-button safety release
Heavy-duty 1/2” aircraft cable and 1.75” roller axles
Safety locks enclosed in columns minimize pinch points
Oversized sheave diameter reduces cable fatigue
Large self-lubricating cable rollers
Multi-position safety locks in each column
Customizable power unit location
Approach ramps incorporate built-in rear-wheel chocks
Independent backup slack-cable safety latches
Runways feature non-skid surface
Optional drive-thru ramps available
Optional drip trays available
Optional 6,000-lb. capacity rolling jacks available to raise front or rear of vehicle
ETL approved

What’s inside?

(1) D4-9X four post lift complete
(1) Caster Kit
(1) Set Plastic Drip Trays
(1) JP45 Sliding Jack Tray
(1) Set Aluminum Approach Ramps



Lifting Capacity
9,000 lbs. (4,082 kg)

A – Min. Runway Height
5” (127 mm)

B – Max. Rise
82” (2,083 mm)

C – Max. Lifting Height
87” (2,210 mm)

D – Height of Columns
99” (2,515 mm)

E – Drive-Thru Clearance
86” (2,184 mm)

F – Overall Width
114.5” (2,908 mm)

G – Width Between Columns
98” (2,489 mm)

H – Overall Length
227” (5,766 mm)

I – Outside Columns
200.5” (5,093 mm)

J – Width Between Runways
37.5” (953 mm)

K – Runway Centerline
53.75” (1,365 mm)

L – Outside Edge of Runways
72.5” (1,842 mm)

M – Runway Width
18.75” (476 mm)

N – Length of Runways
189.75” (4,820 mm)

Min. Wheelbase @ Rated Capacity
135” (3,429 mm)

Min. Wheelbase @ 75% Capacity
115” (2,921 mm)

Min. Wheelbase @ 50% Capacity
95” (2,413 mm)

Min. Wheelbase @ 25% Capacity
80” (2,032 mm)

Locking Positions
16 (spaced every 4” / 102 mm)

Time to Full Rise
60 seconds

110VAC, 50-60HZ, 1PH, 20A or 208-230VAC, 50-60HZ, 1PH, 25A

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