Standard car tow dollies are almost always unassuming. Though some (like the complete line of Tow Smart Trailers car tow dollies) are designed to look good, they are not designed to stand out because of their appearance. Our car tow dollies and other vehicle trailers are ​always designed to stand out because of their unparalleled ease-of-use, professional-grade design, and standard accessory kits and safety features. ​This ​car tow dolly will also stand out because of its attractive, yet durable, black and chrome gloss powder-coated finish. This product will help you transport your vehicle safely and securely, without sacrificing your vehicle’s good looks. The black and chrome gloss powder-coated finish makes towing easier on the eyes and more secure for your cargo.

Featuring all the advanced design of our Car Tow Dolly With Swivel Pan, this car tow dolly strikes a perfect balance between dependability, affordability, and attractiveness. Its luxe outward appearance complements its high-grade engineering and construction. Its heavy-duty all-steel frame, steel fenders, heavy-duty tires, and accessory kit (including lashing winches, tire straps, and safety chains) enable it to haul even the biggest, heaviest pickup trucks and passenger vans. Yet its design is designed to minimize the stress placed on even the smallest four-wheeled passenger vehicles. Its standard heavy-duty spindles and cast hubs (with easy lube hubs) guarantee a smooth ride regardless of load weight or traveling speed. Its reticulating 80” swivel pan (balanced on maintenance-free Teflon pads) promises smooth, safe cornering and reduced wear-and-tear on your steering system.

Durable tilt-down ramps makes loading simple enough to be handled by one person. Attaching and detaching the unit to any RV or truck is made easy by its standard trailer handle (welded near the coupler). ​This car tow trailer does more than just look good: it provides the safest, easiest, smoothest towing experience on the market. It makes towing look like an art form and lets you master the art of towing within minutes. Its quick-lock ratchet system and included safety chains provide the highest level of security for maneuvering auto transport dolly. With features like its steel ramps and an extra-wide wheel base, the Black & Chrome Tow Dolly will help you safely tow your car with ease. The Black & Chrome Tow Dolly is noted for its smooth ride and stability with a tongue weight of up to 800 lbs and GVWR of up to 3500 lbs. This combination ensures your vehicle is secure and can handle all terrain conditions. Enjoy easy installation with the included safety chains. With the included turn signals, brake lights, and license plate bracket, you can feel confident you’re always in compliance with the law. Get peace of mind – the Black & Chrome Tow Dolly has you covered.

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