The Quatra™ Series Pantograph Lifts from BendPak™ – Raising the Bar
The distinctive Quatra™ series lifts by BendPak™ revolutionize the lifting industry by offering a 12,000-pound lifting capacity and a true vertical lift for a more compact footprint, better accommodating smaller service bays and work areas. Their unique quad-opposing pantograph scissors design eliminates restrictive arm structures found on other scissors car lift types that typically get in the way. Quatra lifts provide you with full, unobstructed vehicle access and effortless workspace entry and exit. More space means more freedom for you to work and work efficiently which increases productivity and most of all, your profits. No other scissors lift on the market offer the freedom that BendPak’s Quatra series lifts provide.

The extended length Quatra XR-12000A was designed for vehicle alignments and general service work and accommodate a wide variety of wheelbases. Integrated recessed full-floating front radius plates and oversized rear slip-plates enable you to perform four-wheel alignments on a full spectrum of vehicles ranging from full-size work trucks to modern mini cars. The Quatra XR-12000A is also compatible with all leading alignment instrumentation, including new 3D systems and camera type wheel aligners.

Make more money by going straight…up.

Quatra™ series alignment car lifts deliver straight-up vertical lifting unlike parallelogram style scissors lifts that require more floor space due to their lateral lifting characteristics. Because there is no forward or rearward movement, the result is a more compact footprint to accommodate smaller service bays and work areas.

Compared to parallelogram and other traditional scissor lifts, the Quatra series delivers:
• Increased work space below the car lift and around the runways
• Unobstructed access points for easy entry and exit – front, rear and both sides
• Up front walk through for making unhindered wheel alignment adjustments

Better by design
With an excellent combination of speed and ergonomic design, BendPak’s Quatra pantograph scissor lifts improve technician efficiency and productivity which can help you improve overall profitability. Featuring rapid rise and descent speeds, they position vehicles smoothly to any desired height with simple to operate controls. A sophisticated yet simple six-cylinder master-slave hydraulic circuit provides precise equalized lifting without the need for complicated electronics that often fail when subjected to high-use and soiled work environments.

The Quatra XR-12000A incorporates a full-menu of engineering and design enhancements that provide long term ruggedness and increased dependability. From the hydraulic cylinders and safety locking mechanisms, to fluid controls and pneumatics, all integral system components are enclosed within the runways to help protect them from harmful corrosives and operational damage. With few moving parts, and an uncomplicated fluid power system, BendPak’s Quatra alignment lifts offer the most economical and dependable method of lifting, delivering you many years of trouble free service.

It’s all in the approach
When it comes to positioning vehicles on the auto lift, there is no other lift on the market that makes it easier. They feature extendable, hinged, collapsible, and stowable approach ramps – an industry first. The extendable approach ramps deliver a range of motion from 56″ all the way up to an incredible 79″ overall length in mere seconds. Not only do these user favorites make it convenient to drive ground hugging cars on the lift, when space is tight, their collapsible and stowable design means you’re able to close the shop doors at the end of the day.

In short, the Quatra series lifts by BendPak are the solution for customers who want one of the industry’s most comprehensive auto lift packages with productivity and more importantly, profitability enhancing features.

Balanced Lifting
Quatra lifts are equipped with an intelligent hydraulic regulating manifold featuring four, two-position ball valves to balance hydraulic pressure accurately between the master and slave cylinders for precise, equalized lifting of the runways. The manifold valve assembly is located at the power console with removable cover for simple routine maintenance and adjustment.

It’s what we do
It’s not by chance that BendPak is the global leader in lifting systems. Our passion extends well beyond the products we build – it originates from the natural way we do business. BendPak has earned a reputation for consistent quality through decades of manufacturing experience and uncompromising in-field support. We thrive on continually building our reputation of service excellence by finding better ways help our customers reach their goals. Our lifting products are designed from the outside in, driven by real customer insight. This focus on customer-driven engineering and product management allows us to better understand how our equipment is used so we can design products to meet and exceed our customers’ ever-changing needs. All across the globe, customers recognize our distinctive blue lifts and ask for them by name because they represent a combination of performance, productivity, reliability, and value unlike any other car lift brand on the market.

Business solutions that are easy on your wallet
Trained, knowledgeable BendPak representatives are positioned throughout the world to best meet our customers’ needs. Our highly trained authorized dealers not only help you identify the right equipment for your business, they’ll connect you with flexible payment options to make acquiring that equipment easier. Various financing packages and leasing opportunities customized for virtually any budget help you fulfill your equipment needs while meeting your financial goals. Our business solutions don’t end there. We work with distribution channel partners around the globe who share our dedication to excellence. We also support our dealers with effective, informative marketing and the powerful BendPak brand — which carries the strength of a proven market leader.

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