Lift 18,000 lbs. for Full Wheel Service Capability
While the 18,000-lb. capacity RBJ18000 will handle the weight of many heavy-duty vehicles, some larger trucks, buses and commercial drivers have significantly offset centers of gravity. It’s important to ensure your bridge jack is rated for the entire weight of both the front and back axles of the vehicle. The extra lift capacity of the RBJ18000 will compensate for a shifted center of gravity in heavy-duty vehicles being raised on the HDS35 or HDS40 series.
Rubber contact pads
Our contact pads are super-tough and capable of withstanding heavy use and abuse for years on end. They won’t rip, tear, scratch your car or leave ugly marks. Use them on virtually any vehicle type for a safe and secure lift. They’re also low-profile enough to fit under virtually every low-stance car on the market.
Stackable adapters
Heavy-duty vehicles almost always have high ground-clearances. This means our stackable adapters are a must-have accessory. Luckily, they come standard with your jack purchase. No need to buy more material for something you need. Your bridge jack offers plenty of lift, and these adapters ensure you get to enjoy as much of it as possible.
High-pressure hydraulic power unit
The power unit on the RBJ18000 is strong enough to lift those massive city buses and farm equipment you’re raising on your HD-35 four-post lift. A simple foot pedal controls the jack, which reaches its max extension in seconds flat.
Three lock levels
Your work, your shop. With three lock positions, your rolling bridge jack adapts to the way you get things done. Different factors change your working height: operator preference, operator height, vehicle clearance, ceiling height and more. With three lock positions on the jack, your ultimate working height is that much more versatile.


18,000-lb. lifting capacity
Rubber contact pads
Stackable adapters
High-pressure hydraulic power unit
Optional air-line kit

RBJ18000 Specifications

Lifting Capacity* 18,000 lbs. (8,165 kg)
A – Max. Height + Pad Only: 23″ (584 mm)
B – Max. Height + Pad + Adapter: 26″ (660 mm)
C – Min. Height + Pad Only: 17″ (432 mm)
D – Min. Height + Pad + Adapter: 18″ (457 mm)
Time to Full Rise: 45 seconds
F – Support Arm Width: 44.9″ (1,140 mm) –
G – Max. Arm Reach: 63.5″ (1,613 mm)
H – Min. Arm Reach: 39.5″ (1,003 mm)
Power Unit
Motor: Air-Hydraulic Pump
Noise: 45 dB
Weight: 788
Dimensions: 36″ x 22″ x 21″ / 914 mm x 559 mm x 533 mm

Included commercial-grade air-hydraulic pump requires 125 psi and 10 – 20 CFM.

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