Make Your Four-Post Lift Portable, and Roll On
The Caster Kit is a portable wheel kit designed for those who love the lifting power of their BendPak HD-7 and HD-9 series four-post lifts but find that their shop or garage would be that much more efficient if they were portable. Because of the stability of the four-post lift design, the Caster Kit accessory allows BendPak HD-7 and HD-9 series lifts to be safely rolled around so you can rearrange your shop with ease.
Some jobs require more space, and some shops would simply run more efficiently with a different layout. It’s necessary to bolt down two-post lifts and some four-post lifts for additional stability. But the BendPak HD-7 and HD-9 series are stable enough on their own which, with the help of a Caster Kit, gives them the possibility of movement. With the versatility of a mobile four-post lift, your shop has the power to adapt to any situation.
The heavy-duty construction is quick and easy to install, eliminating any inconvenient teardown and re-assembly time necessary for other four-post lifts. The complete kit comes with a set of 4 wheels, and all the necessary hardware to make your lift portable. Whether you are rearranging your entire shop, or just moving your four-post for a specific job, the Caster Kit gets your shop up and rolling in no time.

Features & Specs

For use on HD-7 and HD-9 series lift
Provides mobility for easy movement and storage
Can be installed or uninstalled easily
Heavy-duty construction
Mounting bar
T-handle rod
Washer (T-handle rod)
Cotter pin design
Caster wheel

Caster Wheel Bolts 4
Caster Wheel Nuts 4
Caster Wheel Washers 4
Lock Washers 4
Shipping Weight 140 lbs. (64 kg)
Shipping Dimensions 41″ x 12″ x 13″ (1,041 mm x 305 mm x 330 mm)

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