The HDSO14AX is the sturdy beast you want as the backbone of your shop, especially if you specialize in servicing larger, low ground-clearance vehicles. Our alignment system features front turn plates and rear slip plates built right into the runways. The wheels always respond to your adjustments with no resistance or hassle. We call it “free-floating.” You’ll call it unbelievably easy. This model is available with optional drive-thru ramps, drip trays and rolling jacks.

Open-Front Design and 14,000 Lbs. of Might

We engineered the HDSO14AX alignment lift without a front crossbar, so operators can easily enter and exit from beneath the vehicle. Now the process of front-end adjustment becomes quick and trouble-free. This is a must for busy alignment bays. Additionally, for precise front-lift leveling, nothing beats our patented adjustable front outrigger tubes. The infinitely adjustable pitch compensates for excessive loads and sloped floors.
Features on HDSO14AX Alignment Lift Models
Slip plates
Multi-caster slip plates in the back and turn plates in front allow for extremely precise, free-floating alignment.
Turn plate
Dual recessed turn plate pockets allow you to position the corrosion-resistant galvanized turn plates in the location best suited for individual vehicle positioning. This provides more clearance for equipment installations.
Dual-hub cable sheaves
BendPak alignment lifts come standard with robust 10-1/2” diameter cable sheaves within the runway and cross tubes and 2-1/4” diameter sheave axles that are equally durable. Both contribute to the longevity and low-maintenance cost of owning and operating your car lift.
Heavy-duty aircraft cable
A 1/2” diameter 6 x 25 aircraft-quality stainless-steel lifting cable runs through each of the four columns. Designed for non-stop use and totally resistant to rubbing and other abrasions (i.e. weather, chemicals, hydraulic oil and fluids).
Adjustable height locking positions
Get your alignment lift to just the right height. No need to reach or bend for the turn plates; each post column features a lock position every few inches for your convenience.
Built-in lubrication
Grease fittings are included on all BendPak four-post lifts, so you can focus on the alignment of your wheels and not worry about the lubrication of your cable sheaves. BendPak makes it easy to keep an eye on your grease nipples, which only require periodic maintenance. Just peek inside the lift structure before, during or after using your alignment lift and see how the operation is flowing.
Flow restrictor
In the extremely unlikely event of a hose rupture, BendPak’s unique hydraulic flow divider provides a safe, even descent, thus keeping your alignment lift structure safe and ready to go after you address the situation. We highly doubt you will ever encounter this situation with any of our car lifts.
Spring-loaded safety locks
As the alignment lift rises to your preferred service level, springs engage the locks at each ladder position. The adjustable nature of the spring-loaded multi-lock structure, a design found only on BendPak alignment lifts, offers you the comfort of knowing that you’re safe to lift, even if there’s a slight slope in your garage.
Push-button pneumatic lock release
A simple push-button pneumatic lock release makes lowering operations simple and fast. Aircraft-quality stainless steel and aluminum pneumatic cylinders provide years of trouble-free service.
Secondary lock system
A slack-cable lock is your backup safety mechanism that’s ready at all times to shut off the alignment lift in the event of dangerous cable slack.
Integrated design
All cables, sheaves and airlines, as well as the single hydraulic cylinder, run internally through the lift structure. This optimizes aesthetics and safety in way that has come to define the BendPak brand.
Electric-hydraulic power system
The electric-hydraulic power system features ergonomically located controls for easy operator access during repetitive daily use. No maintenance necessary!
Non-skid runways
Even if your alignment lift runways get wet or oil-stained, your vehicles will rotate on the turn plates without slipping off the ramps. The runway surface is rugged enough to hold vehicles no matter what other pushing, bumping or other craziness occurs in the shop.
Longer approach ramps
Longer ramps make it easier to load low-stance vehicles onto the car lift structure. Alignments on these vehicle types are no hassle, and of course, larger vehicles glide on just as easily.
Flexible protective conduit
An extra-tough, flexible conduit protects all airlines and hydraulic hoses from daily wear. Your alignment lift is safer and operations can be handled more confidently when you know your cables won’t deliver sudden, unfortunate electric shocks, ruptures or fluid leaks.
Rolling bridge jacks
Optional rolling jacks make a great addition to increase service capacity. Bridge jacks raise the front or back of vehicles (or use two jacks to raise the entire car), so wheel and brake service can be performed without moving to a two-post lift or scissor lift.  Telescoping arms and frame contact pads extend over runways and target the vehicle frame’s lifting points. Runways are fully adjustable for different tread widths. Three locking positions offer additional operator control.

Features and Specs:

14,000-lb. lifting capacity
CE Approved and Certified. Meets or exceeds the standards prescribed by European Standard EN-1493
Heavy-duty turn plates and integrated rear slip-plates included
Multi-position turn plate pockets
Automatic leveling system
Multiple auto-leveling locking positions
Runways include rail-kit for optional accessories
Electric / hydraulic power system
Single hydraulic cylinder mounted underneath runway
Fully enclosed lifting cables, safety locks, and sheaves
Internal “Anti-Sway” UHMW slider blocks in each column
Features oversize sheaves and heavy-duty 1/2” aircraft cable
Rugged 1-3/8” roller axles and oversize self-lubricating cable sheaves
Multi-position safety locks in each column with push-button safety release
Runways adjust for different tread widths and feature non-skid surface
Optional 7,000-lb. capacity bridge jacks available (Model RJ-7) 14,000-lb. lifting capacity


Lifting capacity: 14,000 lbs. / 6,350 kg
Front axle max capacity: 7,000 lbs. / 3,175 kg
Rear axle min capacity: 7,000 lbs. / 3,175 kg
Overall width (front): 143″ / 3,632 mm
Overall width (rear): 130″ / 3,304 mm
Outside length: 215″ / 5,472 mm
Overall length: 243″ / 6,191 mm
Height of front columns: 105″ / 2,664 mm
Height of rear columns: 103″ / 2,613 mm
Height of safety lock ladder: 99” / 2,519 mm
Height of carriages: 30” / 760 mm
Runway min height: 7-5/8″ / 192 mm
Max rise: 70″ / 1,778 mm
Max lifting height: 77-5/8″ / 1,970 mm
Width between posts: 120″ / 3,048 mm
Runway width: 20-1/2″ / 520 mm
Width between runways: 37-1/2″ – 51″ / 952 mm – 1295 mm
Length of runways: 199″ / 5,054 mm
Min 4-wheel alignment: 89” / 2,261 mm
Max 4-wheel alignment: 156” / 3,962 mm
Max 2-wheel alignment: 182” / 4,623 mm
Min wheelbase @ rated capacity: 140″ / 3,556 mm
Min wheelbase @ 75% capacity: 120″ / 3,048 mm
Min wheelbase @ 50% capacity: 100″ / 2,540 mm
Min wheelbase @ 25% capacity: 80″ / 2,032 mm
Locking positions: 13
Lock spacing: every 4″ / 102 mm
Lifting time: 60 sec
Motor: 220 VAC / 60 Hz / 1 Ph
Shipping weight: 3,102 lbs. / 1,407 kg
Shipping dimensions: 209″ x 22″ x 44″ / 5,309 mm x 559 mm x 1,118 mm

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