Longer Runways for Semi-Trucks and More
Commercial lifting solutions for semi-trucks and other municipal vehicles fall into a category all their own. That’s because vehicles reaching the 27,000-lb. lift capacity begin to develop monstrous proportions. The super-long HDS-27X handles stretch limos, semi-trucks, city buses and other super-duty vehicles. In fact, 27,000 lbs. should handle a typical garbage truck without a hitch. The best part of being in the heavy-duty maintenance industry is that your competition is relatively low. Most auto shops veer away from servicing commercial fleets. They require specialized equipment (which BendPak makes easy to obtain) and more shop space, which you probably already have covered! If you want to dominate your industry with a reliable commercial fleet of lifts, you’ll absolutely need the incredible HDS-27X.
Extended runways
Our 3​09″ runways are absolutely massive. To put it in perspective, that’s nearly 27 feet long. Runways are made wide and rise 60″ in the air, so operators can work on virtually anything in a comfortable standing position.
Dual-hub cable sheaves
To protect your investment, each sheave is a massive 12” in diameter. The equally impressive 4″ sheave axles greatly extend the lifespan of your car lift by reducing the overall wear on the critical lifting components (cables, sheaves, axles, etc.).
Large base plates
A super-duty lift requires extreme supports. Substantial 12″ x 12″ base plates hold up the massive columns on this lift for maximum structural integrity.
Spring-loaded safety locks
Multiple lock positions engage as the lift rises and instantly release upon descent. Operators need not maneuver around the lift, as is the case with other brands’ manual release systems. The runway movement is kept level at all times by a built-in flow divider, so operations in fast-paced shops can go on unimpeded by worry about the lifting equipment.
Secondary lock system
With two safety lock systems built into the lift, it’s virtually impossible for a well-maintained and properly used BendPak to fail. In the extremely rare and unlikely event that excess cable slack develops, the runways will be caught by the secondary system, the vehicle will remain level, and you will be able to safely fix the problem.
Rolling bridge jacks
Bridge jacks raise the wheels above the runways. Be sure to explore heavy-duty models, such as the RJ15000, a 15,000-lb. jack that’s ideal for super-duty vehicles. Two jacks will raise all four vehicles off the runways for full access to the wheels. For many vehicles of this size, two-post lifts are not ideal for efficient and/or safe lifting. Four-post lifts and rolling bridge jacks are often the best way to perform wheel service. The jacks also prevent the need for additional space-consuming machinery.

Features & Specs

27,000-lb. lifting capacity
CE Approved and Certified. Meets or exceeds the standards prescribed by European Standard EN-1493
Supersized 12″ diameter cable sheaves
Galvanized lifting cables
Grease nipples
Single hydraulic under-runway cylinder
Integrated flow restrictor
Durable powder coat
Spring-loaded safety locks
Second lock system on constant guard
Fully enclosed lifting cables
Multiple adjustable height locking positions
Maintenance-free electric hydraulic power system
Conveniently positioned operator controls
12″ x 12″ base plates
Non-skid runways
Optional rolling jacks


Lifting Capacity*
27,000 lbs. (12,247 kg)

*Max Capacity / Front Axle
13,500 lbs. (6,123 kg)

*Max Capacity / Rear Axle
13,500 lbs. (6,123 kg)


A – Min. Runway Height:
8.5″ (216 mm)

B – Max. Rise:
60″ (1,524 mm)

C – Max. Lifting Height:
68.5″ (1,740 mm)

Time to Full Rise:
75 seconds

Outside Dimensions

D – Overall Width:
154″ (3,912 mm)

E – Outside Length:
317″ (8,052 mm)

F – Overall Length:
357″ (9,068 mm)

G – Height of Columns:
93″ (2,362 mm)

Inside Dimensions

H – Width Between Columns:
134″ (3,404 mm)

I – Drive-Thru Clearance:
109″ (2,769 mm)


J – Runway Width:
22″ (559 mm)

K – Length of Runways:
309″ (7,849 mm)

L – Width Between Runways:
38″ (965 mm) or 56″ (1,422 mm)

M – Runway Centerline:
60″ (1,524 mm) or 78″ (1,981 mm)

N – Outside Edge of Runways:
82″ (2,083 mm) or 100″ (2,540 mm)

Minimum Wheelbase

Rated Capacity:
230″ (5,842 mm)

75% Capacity:
195″ (4,953 mm)

50% Capacity:
165″ (4,191 mm)

25% Capacity:
130″ (3,302 mm)


Locking Positions:

Lock Spacing:
Every 6″ (152 mm)

Power Unit

220 VAC / 60 Hz / 1 Ph

45 dB


6,944-lbs. (3,149 kg)

265” x 27” x 36” (6,731 mm x 685 mm x 914 mm)

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