Amazingly Tall Vehicle Display Lift for Dealers
The HD-7PXW was created as the exclusive showroom vehicle display lift for dealerships nationwide. As part of our push to offer dealers better vehicle display options, the HD-7PXW stacks two cars in a “jewel box” glass display in front of their dealership. Attract customer’s passing by on nearby highways or within the main showroom. Our specially designed four-post lift features full 360-degree visibility of the car from all sides and includes an attractive low-sheen, rich black powder coat finish. More than just unique styling, this car lift is easy to use and features a platform locking system that safely secures raised vehicles in varied height positions for an open display viewing area. Its hydraulic drive system is hidden under the fully covered platforms for a clean, clutter-free look. The HD-7PXW four-post lift has a 7,000-lb. lift capacity and 188” long runways to accommodate a variety of vehicle types and wheelbases.
Why get a display lift?
Auto dealerships are always looking for an edge when it comes to their displays. The newest vehicles, or the ones most likely to attract customer attention, need to be prominently shown and visible from the street. The narrow dimensions of this lift, as well as its sleek, low-sheen black coloration, allow it to blend seamlessly into busy lots and showrooms. This way, the vehicles are all that people notice. Its 12-foot high rise is also perfect for getting cars seen from over the highway or across the street. Designed originally for dealerships of any size, this lift is perfect for anyone desiring to gain an edge over the competition. Our job is to help make your inventory look its best, so you can increase your dealership’s foot traffic and close more deals.
Same great benefits as other lifts
The HD-7PXW has all the same safety and convenience features as other BendPak four-post lifts. A one-touch pneumatic safety release instantly releases all locks simultaneously, and the lift’s lone hydraulic cylinder is neatly tucked under the power-side runway. Additionally, the entire undersides of both runways are completely covered to improve the aesthetics of the lift when viewed from underneath. Since this lift reaches incredible heights, we felt it necessary to cover up the mechanical and electric-hydraulic componentry. There’s simply no better-looking and higher-reaching display lift on the market than the HD-7PXW.

Features & Specs

7,000-lb. maximum lifting capacity
Super tall rise of delivers 12-feet of lifting height
Low sheen black color
Underside of runways are shielded by full-length covers
Electric / hydraulic power system
Single hydraulic cylinder mounted underneath runway
Internal anti-sway slider blocks in each column
Oversized self-lubricating cable rollers
Features heavy-duty 3/8” aircraft cable
Rugged 1.25” roller axles
Multi-position safety locks in each column
Adjustable lock ladders
Ramps feature non-skid surface
Push-button pneumatic safety release


Lifting Capacity*
7,000 lbs. (3,175 kg)

*Max Capacity / Front Axle
3,500 lbs. (1,588 kg)

*Max Capacity / Rear Axle
3,500 lbs. (1,588 kg)


A – Min. Runway Height:
4.5″ (114 mm)

B – Max. Rise:
140″ (3,556 mm)

C – Max. Lifting Height:
145″ (3,683 mm)

Time to Full Rise:
60 seconds

Outside Dimensions

D – Overall Width:
110.25″ (2,800 mm)

E – Outside Length:
198″ (5,029 mm)

F – Overall Length:
224.5″ (5,702 mm)

G – Height of Columns:
158″ (4,013 mm)

Inside Dimensions

H – Width Between Columns:
100″ (2,540 mm)

I – Drive-Thru Clearance:
86.5″ (2,197 mm)


J – Runway Width:
19″ (483 mm)

K – Length of Runways:
188″ (4,775 mm)

L – Width Between Runways:
37.5″ (953 mm) or 44.5″ (1,130 mm)

M – Runway Centerline:
56.5″ (1,435 mm) or 63.5″ (1,613 mm)

N – Outside Edge of Runways:
75.5″ (1,918 mm) or 82.5″ (2,096 mm)

Minimum Wheelbase

Rated Capacity:
135″ (3,429 mm)

75% Capacity:
115″ (2,921 mm)

50% Capacity:
95″ (2,413 mm)

25% Capacity:
80″ (2,032 mm)


Locking Positions:

Lock Spacing:
Every 4″ (102 mm)

Power Unit

208-230 VAC / 50-60 Hz / 1Ph

45 dB

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