Screw Pads that Adjust to Your Needs
Adjustable Screw Lift Pads provide the operator with a greater level of vertical control when operating a BendPak 9,000-lb. or 10,000-lb. two-post car lift. Some jobs require your lift pads to be at just the right height to reach your vehicle’s lifting points. With your Screw Lift Pad adapter installed, you can fine-tune the contact points on your vehicle until it is the perfectly balanced and ready to lift.
Some vehicles have an uneven underbody which requires specialty adapters to lift your car evenly. As the name suggests, the Screw Lift Pads screw and telescope vertically up and down, allowing you to adjust the height of your two-post lift pad to an additional 3″ of height. The two-stage telescoping technology provides you with the versatility you need to get your car in the air for difficult wrenching. In addition, Screw Lift Pads are great for customizing your lift to find the perfect height for your job. This adjustable lift pad gives you the power to find the right height for your job. And when combined with other two-post lift accessories, like the multi-height adapter pins, you have a broad variation of height ranges to choose from.
Screw Lift Pads drop easily into the arms of most 9,000 and 10,000-lb. two-post lifts. Like the standard BendPak Lift Pad Assembly, Screw Lift Pads feature a Polyurethane Tuf-Pad which is the ideal material for gripping your vehicle’s chassis frame to keep it from moving. This replaceable, thick rubber pad also protects your frame from damage, and is made of a sturdy material that will hold up under harsh conditions. With a variety of uses, Screw Lift Pads are the adapters you need to expand the compatibility of the two-post lift in your shop.

Features & Specs

Vertically adjustable screw-type lift pads
Fits 9,000 and 10,000-lb. capacity BendPak two-post lifts, except for: XPR-9S-LP, XPR-10S-LP and XPR-10AS-LP
Gives additional 3″ of fine pad adjustment
Rubber top screw pad includes one receiver
Sets of 4

NOT FOR USE on BendPak two-post lifts with Low-Profile Arms.

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