Atlas Platinum PVL-10 was engineered and built to offer a commercial grade above ground lift to those customers who have “fallen in love” with the reliability offered by the Double S column design and symmetric columns. Tens of thousands of above ground lifts incorporating the Double S column design have been sold worldwide over the past two decades. The Double S column design was so revolutionary, that it was protected by a patent. That patent has now expired.

The Atlas Platinum PVL-10 can be installed with the columns positioned symmetrically or asymmetrically. When the columns are installed in the asymmetrical configuration, there may be some benefit to open car doors. When the columns are installed in the symmetric configuration there is more width between the columns. Please check the specifications page and picture gallery to determine which height setting and column configuration (asymmetrical or symmetrical) would be the best for your application. Both column configurations offer easy vehicle access and superior vehicle lift point support due to the three stage front arm design.

The Atlas Platinum PVL-10 features three (3) stage telescoping front arms, double screw rubber/metal adapters with truck height extensions, protective rubber pads mounted to the carriage, rubber column guards, and a price that cannot be matched.

This product features an ALLY Hydraulic AL2850 Power Unit. This premium power unit is certified by MET Laboratories Inc. for electrical compliance in the United States and Canada. Extra heavy-duty armatures and more motor windings with increased silver metal included in the wires and connections create far less heat generation and allow ALLY Hydraulic power units to maintain constant torque through the lifting process. This power unit also carries an industry leading two-year limited warranty.

A couple of installers put up the PVL-10 in about 3 hours. See below to view a timelapse video of it in action.

5 Year Structural & 2 Year Hydraulic Warranty

Atlas Platinum Series Two-Post Lifts are warranted for five (5) years on structural components and two (2) years on the hydraulic system, power unit and cylinders effective from date of invoice. Wear items carry a 90-day warranty. Structural components are considered the Carriage, Columns, Yokes, Arms, Runways, Plungers, etc. Hydraulic components are cylinders, hoses, and fittings. Cables, sheaves, latches and controls are considered wear items.

This LIMITED warranty policy does not include a labor warranty.


The Manufacturer shall repair or replace at their option for this period those parts returned to the factory freight prepaid, which prove after inspection to be defective. This warranty will not apply unless the product is installed, used and maintained in accordance with the Manufacturers installation, operation and maintenance instructions.

This warranty applies to the ORIGINAL purchaser only, and is non-transferable. The warranty covers the products to be free of defects in material and workmanship but, does not cover normal maintenance or adjustments, damage or malfunction caused by: improper handling, installation, abuse, misuse, negligence, carelessness of operation or normal wear and tear. In addition, this warranty does not cover equipment when repairs or alterations have been made or attempted to the Manufacturer’s products.

CE Tested And Approved

The letters ‘CE’ appear on many products that are traded in the European Economic Area (EEA). There are 27 member states of the EU and European Free Trade Association. The CE marking attests the verification by a manufacturer that products meet EU safety requirements. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to carry out the conformity assessment. Conformity assessment testing was performed by CCQS UK Ltd.

This Atlas lift (structure and hydraulics) has been tested and has passed the CE conformity requirements. Atlas lifts sold in the USA and Canada use a different power unit than those required by CE. CE requires an electrical control box (with solenoids) that actuates the hydraulic power unit.

Electric power units supplied with above ground lifts in the USA and Canada do not require the electronic control box; therefore the power unit was not tested to CE approval requirements. If you have questions relating to the power unit supplied with your lift, please discuss these with your salesman.

If you are customer from the EU or other foreign county that requires CE approval, please contact our sales office to see how we can help.

Electrical Requirements
The electric motor for the power unit requires 220 Volt (single phase) 60 Hz (+/- 5%, so 209-231 volts). We recommend using at least a 10 gauge (grounded) wire from the electrical panel. The power unit may or may not have a short pigtail (no plug) that can be wired to either an optional quick disconnect box (mounted on the lift column) or to a male/female plug combination. A 30 amp breaker is required.

Overhead Configuration
The overhead bar configuration leaves the floor area between the columns open, and allows the operator to easily roll a transmission jack or a tool box under the car. The padded shut-off bar located below the cross beam prevents the top of the vehicle from being damaged by hitting the cross beam. The padded bar, which contacted automatically shuts off the motor on the power unit to prevent the vehicle from being lifted.

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Setup High Low (requires spacers)*
Capacity 10,000 LB. 10,000 LB.
Lifting Time Ask Your Salesperson Ask Your Salesperson
Front Arm Length (43 1/2″ – Max); (22″ – Min); (31 1/4″ – Mid)
Rear Arm Length (58″ – Max); (35″ – Min)
Overall Height With Cylinder 148″ (12′ 4″) 148″ (12′ 4″)*
Overall Height 139 7/8″ (11′ 7 7/8″) 135 7/8″ (11′ 3 7/8″)*
Overall Width 139″ (11′ 7″) (Asymmetrical)
137 1/2″ (11′ 5 1/2″) (Symmetrical)
Outside Column to Outside Column 130″ (10′ 10″) (Asymmetrical)
129 1/4″ (10′ 7″) (Symmetrical)
Maximum Lift Height (With Adapters) 81 1/2″ (6′ 9 1/2″)
(highest pad setting)
79 1/4″ (6′ 7 1/4″)
(lowest pad setting)
81 1/2″ (6′ 9 1/2″)
(highest pad setting)
79 1/4″ (6′ 7 1/4″)
(lowest pad setting)
Maximum Lift Height
(Without Adapters)
70″ (5′ 10″) (lowest pad setting),
72 1/2″ (6′ 1/2″) (highest pad setting)
70″ (5′ 10″) (lowest pad setting),
72 1/2″ (6′ 1/2″) (highest pad setting)
Pad Height 4″
Adapter Heights 3″ & 6″
Minimum Arm Height 4 1/2″
Between Columns 107 3/4″ (8′ 11 3/4″) (Asymmetrical)
112 1/2″ (9′ 4 1/2″) (Symmetrical)
Column Size 10 1/4″ x 7″
Drive Through 91″ (7′ 7″) (Asymmetrical)
99 1/2″ (8′ 3 1/2″) (Symmetrical)
Base of Lift 18″ x 15″
Shut-Off Height 134 1/4″ (11′ 2 1/4″) 130 1/4″ (10′ 10 1/4″)*
Cable .315″ (8mm)
Column Thickness of Steel 6mm / double S column design increases column strength
Carriage Thickness of Steel Frame: 8mm
Yoke: 16mm
Arms Thickness of Steel Frame: 6mm
Telescopic Arm: 8mm
Shipping Weight 1,750 Lbs.
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